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'Roger Federer changed the rankings system to protect himself,' claims DTB official

Roger Federer backhand AO

Dick Hordorff, the vice president of the German Tennis Federation (DTB) has accused Roger Federer of influencing ATP rules to protect his ranking this year. 

Federer has not played since the Australian Open, yet has still maintained his top five ranking due to emergency rules brought in to try to adjust for the affect the coronavirus crisis has had on tennis.

Those temporary rules saw points won in 2019 protected, and there is little question that Federer has certainly benefitted from it.

Hordorff, though, has alleged that Federer has actually used his position on the ATP Players Council to make sure the rules protected him whilst he was injured.

"Roger Federer simply changed the ranking method to protect himself," Hordorff alleged on the Quiet Please podcast. "It is irresponsible and quite simply incorrect.

"In my opinion, he takes advantage of his position on the Players' Council.

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"It must nevertheless be said that without the change in ranking system, Roger Federer would not be in the top 50."

There was also a late change to the rules that made rankings points won at the 2019 ATP Finals would be held for a year too after they were initially supposed to expire this year.

Federer got to the semi-finals in 2019 and would have lost them all without the alteration of the rule, and that hasn't gone unnoticed by Hordorff, who again believes it to be evidence of the Swiss star influencing policy.

"That the ATP Finals, which is the 19th tournament of the year anyway, will stay there for two years? That's perverse," he said.

It should be made clear, however, that currently there is no evidence at all to  support Hordorff's claims about Federer.

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