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'Now the legend is here'- ATP ace recalls first encounter with Roger Federer wow-factor

Roger Federer backhand blue

Casper Ruud says the entire room falls quiet when Roger Federer enters a room as he recalled the first time he experienced it. 

Ruud made some serious strides in 2020 despite the truncated nature of it, moving from outside the top 50 in the rankings to inside the top 30.

At just 21-years-old, he is one of the brightest prospects in the men's game, but he says he was still wowed by the presence of Roger Federer when he first encountered it.

"It was in Melbourne a few years ago, and then I remember that we sat in a large café where all the players sit to eat," Ruud said.

"When Roger Federer came in, it was completely quiet and everyone turned around. Now the legend is here."

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It wasn't just the Swiss star who silence a room out of sheer respect though.

Understandably, Federer's fellow GOAT contenders Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic also carry with them that wow factor that only greatness can create.

"These three legends, they look taller than they might be," Ruud said.

"They are probably around 1.85 meters, but it may seem that they are two meters because of the respect you have for them."

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