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'I'm just trying to focus on my mindset,' says Roger Federer ahead of Doha return

Roger Federer ball toss

Roger Federer is making his much-anticipated return to tennis in Doha this week after a year away from the sport and says he is 'curious' how it will be.

The Swiss supremo was forced to take a long break from tennis due to a recurring knee injury which required two surgeries.

He had hoped to make a return at the Australian Open last month but chose to give himself more training time instead.

Now, with his imminent return, Federer says he is unsure how playing in 'COVID times' away from his family will effect his mindset, but hopes there will be some crowd atmosphere.

“I’m curious as to how it is going to be because I haven’t played for over a year during these COVID times. But I hope there will still be some sort of atmosphere,” said Federer.

"I’m preparing myself to be in a bubble in Qatar for the first time in my life and being away from my family.

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"I’m just trying to focus on the mindset and what I can expect. I’m feeling that if I tell myself what to expect then it is easier also getting ready for it.

“I think preparing for it and being flexible and I think that we learn quite often as tennis players. You want to be flexible to the weather, to missing a flight, not being able to train or not sleeping well because you have a stomach ache.”

Answering questions in a Q&A session organised by Qatar Tennis, Federer praised the tournament saying: "I am very excited to be back.

"The first time I played was in 2003 and it was a great tournament for me. I got a taste of this region that I didn’t know very well to be honest.

“I’ve seen the city grow tremendously over the last 15-18 years. It’s a wonderful tournament. I feel like the fans have always been wonderful in Doha as well.”

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