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Obsession with Roger Federer has made tennis 'lose 20 years,' says former top ten ace

Roger Federer mexico

Tennis has suffered for the popularity of Roger Federer as too many coaches and parents want to copy him, says Gilles Simon.

Federer has been a true icon of the sport, with his serve and volley style of tennis coupled with his distinctive movements making him one of the most attractive players to watch that tennis has ever produced.

However, former top ten star Simon has a different take on it, alleging that an obsession with trying to copy him rather than appreciate powerful baseliners such as Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal has cost tennis '20 years.'

"I have nothing against Roger Federer personally, but against the image we have of him," Simon said.

"For decades, it has been believed that only Federers should be trained.

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"And he, with his style of play, his way of going forward, the confidence he exudes, came to validate these choices. He made us lose 20 years!

"In France, everyone wants Roger Federer: parents, coaches… We don't realise that Rafael Nadal has won so many Grand Slams by doing something quite different.

“That's why it would help if Roger Federer's records fell because we'd finally have to see the others.”

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