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'I expect better of myself,' says Roger Federer after shock Geneva defeat

Roger Federer down in Qatar

Roger Federer admitted he 'expected better of himself' after his loss to Pablo Andujar at the Geneva Open.

Federer was playing just his third match in 16 months, and his first since mid-March, but he threw away a winning position in the deciding set before sinking to a 6-4, 4-6, 6-4 defeat.

It brought an unceremonious end to his 32-match winning streak in Switzerland, and he admitted it did not feel good at all.

“It’s good to be back on the court, but then you lost a match like this and you’re down," Federer said.

"It never feels great. I was looking forward to playing here, no doubt about it, but this is a press conference where I have to explain how I feel about losing, which is never the greatest way of trying to explain why and how it all happened.

"But of course there were moments where I was really happy to entertain the crowd and [I was] looking at the long road that I’ve been on from the comeback.

“Sure, it’s rewarding to be back on a tennis court, but I expect better from myself. I feel like in practice I’ve been playing better, even in practice here. But then again as we know, matches are a different animal. I’ve got my work cut out there.”

“Of course at 4-2 in the third you feel like, ‘Oh, that’s nice that I was able to turn around the match.’

"You start feeling better and that’s when it dips and everything is over 10 minutes later.

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“But we know how tennis goes and that’s where it’s so brutal sometimes. But I feel like I didn’t deserve it at the end. There was just not enough happening in my game.”

“I just could feel that [as] the moment was getting tougher, the game wasn’t there. Obviously [I was] missing way too much maybe to come through even though [I was up] 4-3 and a break.

"The chances were all there, but again I thought he played good down the stretch and I just couldn’t come up with the goods."

The defeat means Federer will head into Roland Garros without any meaningful match practice at all after double knee surgery last year, but he says the French Open cannot be his goal.

“I’m disappointed for the tournament more than anything. I wish I could have stayed around and played some more matches for the people here because the atmosphere still is, considering [the circumstances], very good, and they seemed very happy to see me here.”

“I was a bit limited today I felt on the court and obviously here in Geneva, in Switzerland, we always have a bit of altitude, so when you start to play in two minds, it gets very difficult.

“Obviously I wish I could have played more, but at the same time it is what it is now, so you’ve just got to accept it and move on.”

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