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Roger Federer says his future is unlikely to include a coaching role, although he has refused to rule it out entirely.

Federer brought the curtain down on a sensational career this year as he finally surrendered to the knee injuries that he sustained at the 2020 Australian Open.

There has been plenty of interest about what Federer will do next and he is certainly not going to be short of options, but it sounds like coaching is not going to be close to the top of that list – if it’s even on the list at all.

“Coaching… I mean, never say never,” he said at an event in Tokyo for sponsors UNIQLO. “Stefan Edberg said the same, he will never coach, until he got the phone call from me and I invited him over for practice and he said ‘ok, let me try for a year’.

“At the moment with my four children going to school and everything going on, I don’t see myself coaching at the moment. If a junior comes around and he needs some support or advice I’m happy to do that.”

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Another option would be to open a tennis academy like rival Rafael Nadal has done. It has already started to produce talent with world number three Casper Ruud strongly linked to it.

Federer, though, says he feels he would be doing a disservice to his own roots if he followed down that route. However, mentoring is something that appears to appeal.

“I’m the product of Swiss tennis, of the federation. I will always have that with me, which is why it’s hard to create my own academy, because I feel like that would potentially go against the federation who I am too close to,” he explained.

“I think with the Next Gen development programme here at UNIQLO I will be doing more mentorship and inspirational kids day clinics for the moment."

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