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Roger Federer 'focused on his comeback' as he discusses Centre Court ovation

Roger Federer says he is completely 'focused on his tennis comeback' following his guest appearance at Wimbledon this week.
Roger Federer struggling Wimbledon

Roger Federer says he does not know if he will seek the limelight after tennis, but right now his comeback has all his focus.

Wimbledon is progressing this year without Federer in the men's draw for the first time this century, but he did make a special appearance in a parade of champions on Centre Court.

It was a special moment for both Federer and the fans who were there, but he has hinted he may look to step away from public appearances once his playing career comes to an end.

“Time will tell how I want to deal with this, how often I keep looking for interest," Federer told Het Parool.

"I think about that now sometimes, but not often. My main focus is on how to make my comeback in tennis. I work hard on that and I think about it every day."

Roger Federer was greeted by Centre Court with a huge ovation, underlining his unprecedented popularity in tennis.

However, he said that even he did not really know what to expect when he stepped out into the arena.

"What feeling you get and how you react after such applause and standing ovation, I still don't know that in advance," he said.

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"Novak [Djokovic] also said that: a lot of us are nervous before such a parade. We don't do this every day either, we never get used to it.

"It remains uncertain, while all you have to do is walk a bit and say a few words. And I was quite emotional, although not everyone has seen that,” the Swiss great said.

“You never tire of such attention. That is why it is also difficult for many athletes to stop. Or why they keep playing demonstration matches. Because they love to perform.

"Because in the end we are not just tennis players, but also performers, entertainers."

Roger Federer is currently planning to make his comeback this year at the Laver Cup in September and he also hopes to play the Basel indoors later in the year.

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