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Roger Federer on umpire argument at French Open: 'I just wanted a proper explanation'

Roger Federer forehand at French Open

Roger Federer says he still isn't really sure what he did wrong after he received a time violation at the French Open.

During Federer's second round win over Marin Cilic, he was called by the umpire for apparently taking too long to use his towel, which forced Cilic to delay his serve.

Cilic complained to the umpire about it, resulting in the time violation, and prompting a lengthy argument mid-match.

Federer, though, says he didn't even really understand what the problem was, and he doesn't know how he could have done things any differently.

"Well, honestly I was a bit surprised and shocked that it happened," Roger Federer explained in the Eurosport Cube. "I didn't even understand what was going on for the most part, why I got one.

"Until I thought back to the very beginning of how it started and that only came when I was sitting down and I realised Marin actually was upset at me that I was going too slow because he wanted to serve at me when I was not even in position.

"I didn't even see it really. I just saw the ball coming over and I actually thought he was working on his serve because maybe he was unhappy with his second serve.

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"So honestly, with the towels being on either side, I am a bit confused how I'm supposed to do it.

"I know you have to play to the server's pace but I was questioning maybe a little bit, was it also Marin pushing me to play extremely fast or was I just extremely slow. I am not sure, I will have to maybe see it again.

"I'm sorry if I did it, but I just wanted a proper explanation and I told the umpire as well, why didn't he tell me that I was going slow. He told me, 'Well, I assumed you knew, because of Marin serving to you.'

"I didn't see it so that was my bad. I guess it was just a misunderstanding at the same time."

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