‘Right now, I would choose Roger Federer as the GOAT,’ says former WTA star

Roger Federer would be Caroline Wozniacki’s choice for GOAT over Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, although she thinks they all deserve the accolade. 

Tennis’ big three are embroiled in a seemingly never-ending battle to be regarded as the greatest tennis player of all time, with everyone having a different criteria for how to measure ‘greatness’.

However, former WTA world number one and Australian Open champion Wozniacki has made her choice – for now.

“Right now I would choose Roger Federer, but we have to see what happens in the next few years,” Wozniacki told Marca.

“[But] Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal also deserve this title.

“The truth is that the tennis world will miss them a lot when they decide to retire.”

Wozniacki was essentially forced to retire early due to a rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis at just 30-years-old.

And, while she says she can’t rule out a return to tennis at some point, she says she isn’t missing playing at all.

“I watched the US Open on television, but I never thought I wanted to be there,” Wozniacki admitted to the daily Marca.

“I love tennis, but with full stadiums. As for Roland Garros, I have not followed it and I have not even seen a game.

“In this life absurd things have happened, and even if I don’t think it will happen, I can never completely rule out the possibility of returning to compete.”

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