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'Roger Federer has lifted tennis to another level,' says Boris Becker

Roger Federer celebrates

Former world number one Boris Becker has been talking about what he thinks Roger Federer should be doing now he's nearing the end of his career.

A six-time Grand Slam Champion himself, Becker is worried that playing too much tennis will not give Federer the career end he deserves and is advising him to take a more selective and cautious approach.

Federer took a 13 month break from tennis from February 2020, to undergo double knee surgery which many feared would see the end of his career.

However, Federer vowed to return, and made a brief appearance in Doha in February before withdrawing from the Tour in order to focus on fitness and training.

It was thought he may try to play the Monte-Carlo Masters or one of the Roland Garros warm up events in Madrid or Rome, but Federer himself tweeted that he will only play Geneva before the French Open.

And Becker agrees that this reduced schedule is the best approach to take, especially if Federer wants to make Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics, both of which he has made clear are his main targets.

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"I hope that Federer doesn't make the mistake of playing a lot of tournaments for the sake of it", Becker said in the Eurosport podcast Das Yellow vom Ball.

"He is an absolute icon and has lifted tennis to another level. Federer needs a good end to his career.

"From my point of view, Wimbledon is the Grand Slam tournament where he still has the best chance of going far," Becker said.

Becker believes Federer looked 'one step slower' at his recent Doha appearance and says no matter how good you are, age definitely has an effect.

"The sporty feel is there, the feeling for the ball too, but you recover more slowly in old age."

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