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'Roger Federer injury a pity for everyone,' says Daniil Medvedev

Roger Federer disappointed at French Open

Daniil Medvedev has says it is 'a pity' that Roger Federer has suffered a fresh knee injury.

Federer spent 14 months battling back to fitness after two knee surgeries in 2020, and he appeared to be on the road to regular tennis again after good performances at Roland Garros and Wimbledon.

However, he revealed this week that he requires another operation on the knee, with many speculating it may be one setback too far for even Federer.

"Well, it's a pity for everybody," Medvedev, who won the recent Canadian Open, said. "We love watching him play.

"I don't know exactly his problems with the knee. I'm not a doctor. But, I mean, age takes over.

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"Hopefully we can still see him back on tour, because I think that's what he wants. That's what everybody wants.

"Of course even if he's going to be back on tour, we're gonna try to beat him every time we play him, even if it's Roger.

"I know we are still competitors on the court, but the only thing I can wish him right now, because I saw it before the match is health, speedy recovery, and seeing him back on tour, yeah, because we never know what's going to happen next."

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