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'It doesn’t take much for Roger Federer to play at levels most players can’t reach,' says former coach

Roger Federer in action

Former coach Paul Annacone says Roger Federer is like Pete Sampras in how easily he can find a supreme level of tennis.

Annacone coached both legends during his career, and has been a keen observer as Federer has made his way back from double knee surgery.

So far, that comeback has amounted to two matches at the Qatar Open before he returned to Switzerland to do a 'training block' ahead of the clay season.

However, Annacone says he has few doubts about if Federer can find his previous level.

"It doesn’t take a ton out of them to play at levels most players can’t even reach," Annacone told the Washington Post of Federer and Sampras.

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"When you add [Federer’s] pragmatic approach, the rollercoaster of emotions tied to winning and losing tends not to surface in his life. He is pretty steady.

"He loves the game of tennis and enjoys the environment.

"He has been at the top of the game for many years, and he accepts and enjoys the responsibility of being 'Roger Federer' — that sounds easy, but it is not."

Currently, the only tournament Federer is 100% confirmed to play, other than Wimbledon, is Halle, although he is expected to play a number of events on clay before that.

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