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'Roger Federer is the most mesmerizing player tennis has ever had,' says Tim Henman

Roger Federer backhand blue

Roger Federer is the 'most mesmerizing player' in tennis's history, and he won't be coming back simply to make up the numbers, says Tim Henman. 

Federer is now just a week away from his return in Doha after missing almost a year due to surgery to correct a long-standing knee injury.

There has been doubts raised by former players and analysts about whether, at the age of 39, he can return to anything like his former self.

Henman shares those doubts, but he believes if Federer wasn't feeling good about his game, he wouldn't be coming back at all.

“His old level is so high, he's not going to come back just to be making up the numbers,” Henman told Forbes.

“He wants to be back competing to win the biggest and best tournaments. And that's not going to get any easier as you get close to your 40th birthday. But he's working incredibly hard, I'm sure.

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“For me, he's the most mesmerizing player we have probably ever had in our sport."

With Federer's return, tennis will have all four of its megastars reunited for the first time on over a year, possibly as early as the Miami Open later this month - and Henman thinks we should all make sure we appreciate them while we can.

“Tennis is blessed with some huge icons of the sport and of sport,” Henman added.

“Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Serena Williams... they're as big a star as you can get.

"So we're fortunate, but they're not going to be around forever. So it's important that we do enjoy them while they're still competing.”

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