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'I am definitely not retiring - I still have a little left in me,' says Roger Federer

Roger Federer mexico

Roger Federer says he believes he still 'has a little bit left in him' as he dismissed any suggestion of imminent retirement.

Federer has undergone two operations on his knee this year although he is rapidly nearing a return to competitive tennis.

The 39-year-old is targeting the Australian Open for a comeback, and should that happen it will be his first tennis for a full year.

However, he insists that despite his struggles this season, retirement is not on the agenda.

"I'm definitely not retiring now," Federer said.

"I trained last week, I should be on the court at the beginning of January.

"I am still fighting for my return, I want to be on the court, I would like to play with the legends of the game, with the best players.

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"I feel that there is little left in me. I am doing well, it is a long process - not daily, but weekly."

Injury or not, 2020 has seen players have a rare chance to enjoy a prolonged period at home due to the coronavirus crisis, and it's an opportunity Federer has relished.

"I enjoy Switzerland, the last time I was at home for more than six weeks was when I was 16," he explained.

"It is more relaxed, not only for me, but also for my children.

"I can sometimes fall asleep because I go to bed late, [but] there is no stress that matches bring."

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