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Roger Federer: 'I try to see how much more is left in the tank for me...'

Roger Federer ball toss

Roger Federer believes there is still a little 'left in the tank' in terms of his career, but tennis is not his life's work.

Federer will be 40-years-old later this year, and he is still hoping to prolong his career even further than he already has.

However, while he will play as long as he can, he says it is his Foundation that will be his focus long after he retires.

"I try to see how much more is left in the tank for me," Federer told beIN sports.

"So far my wife has been my biggest supporter to allow me and push me towards the tour.

"My kids have been wonderful as well, understanding, even though they were sad when I left and I came to Doha without them.

"My Foundation is over 15 years old and it's gonna be a life's work.

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"I am still at the beginning and I hope one day I can be as famous for my philanthropic work as I am for my tennis life.

"My last match before the break was in Cape Town vs Nadal, we raised over $3.5 million"

Federer also backed the talent elsewhere in the ATP, saying the success he, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic have had means the Next Gen are not given the credit they deserve.

"It's difficult for them because they are always gonna be compared to our generation.

"If they do win a Grand Slam but they do not beat one of us, fans and media do not give them the credit they deserve.

"That's wrong. They are doing a great job."

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