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Roger Federer says there was an 'unexpected twist' in his retirement from tennis, but one that he loved.

Unsurprisingly, when there was no shortage of tributes when Federer announced he was hanging up his racket at the Laver Cup last month.

However, while Federer was expecting them to focus on his many accomplishments and achievements, he found most were actually about his personality and character instead.

"It's been overwhelming to be quite honest, how many nice things have been written about me, a lot of them about my personality and about me as a person," Roger Federer told the ATP.

"Less almost as me as the tennis player, about my forehand or whatever you want to call it."

"That's been a wonderful surprise to me that a lot of people looked or supported me because of maybe my character. That was a bit of an unexpected twist to the story.

"I thought they were gonna talk about his achievements, his accomplishments, what he meant to the game, and that's it. But it was much more than that.

"It totally over-exceeded my expectations."

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