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'Roger Federer will be aiming for the top again in 2021,' says former coach Stefan Edberg

"He still has a passion for the game and wants to get better..."
Roger Federer backhand blue

Roger Federer will 'give it another shot to reach the top in 2021' following injury, says former coach and Grand Slam legend Stefan Edberg. 

Federer has not played competitively since the Australian Open after requiring double knee surgery this year.

However, he has been backed to make an impact again when he returns to the court next year by someone who knows him well.

"Working with Roger, he is inquisitive," Edberg said. "He still has a passion for the game and wants to get better.

"Even today, I'm sure he is working on getting back into the game and giving it another shot to reach the top in 2021.

Federer is no stranger to fighting back from injury and adjusting his game accordingly, with Edberg his coach the last time he went through a similar transition.

"2013 was a tough year for Roger," Edberg recalled. "He had back problems, losing his way a bit and maybe needing some inspiration.

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"Maybe he had some thought about how he can develop his game. At the same time, he decided to switch rackets, which was very important, I think.

"That's when I came into the picture in 2014. I had thought about how he could become a better player. I think he had in his mind what he wanted to do.

"That's how we got started - taking it on a day-to-day basis. I've been in the same situation as him.

"We talked and wanted to make some changes to his game, which we did. He wanted to become a more offensive player, which I was. For him, it was more to have some new inputs, ideas and inspiration.

"Again, changing that racquet was crucial, embracing new technologies. That's how it all started between us."

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