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'Roger Federer still hopes he can come back,' says former ATP ace

Roger Federer struggling Wimbledon

Roger Federer is 'still hungry' and fully intending to make a full return to the ATP, says Tommy Haas.

Federer has had a frustrating time with injury since the 2020 Australian Open, and he underwent his third knee surgery this summer after a failed comeback attempt ended at Wimbledon.

That has naturally promoted retirement speculation to surround the 40-year-old, but Haas does not believe the Roger Federer story is over yet.

“We saw at Wimbledon that he was a little bit injured, he wasn’t moving as well as usual,” Haas said.

“But he’s going to make every effort to come back. I’m 100 per cent sure that the goal is Wimbledon. It’s his best surface to go far again.

“He’s happy. He has no reason not to be. He knows that there’s a lot of gratitude in him.

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"He loves life. But he’s still hungry. He still hopes he can come back.

"He wants to stop when he wants to, to decide when it’s time to say you don’t like it anymore [because] you lose too much.

“It’s all going to depend on how he can overcome that [knee surgery] physically.

“We’ll have an element of an answer in March, April, May.”

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