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'Roger Federer has style and elegance - he made me fall in love with tennis,' says top football star

Roger Federer backhand AO

Argentinian football star Paulo Dybala says Roger Federer 'has a grace and elegance that makes everyone want to be like him."

Dybala, who plays as a forward for Italian club Juventus, says Federer was someone he always made time to watch.

In fact, he has gone so far as saying that Federer was the very reason why he fell in love with tennis in the first place.

"Well at home, we used to watch a lot of sports, the TV was always on, and the sport we watched the most was football, followed by tennis," Dybala told the Tennis Channel in an interview.

"I always had a lot of admiration and respect [for him]. I liked Roger Federer's style.

"I believe that I and many people have him as a tennis reference. We try to watch his matches, he has a style and elegance that makes everyone want to be like him.

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"I always tried to watch him play so I love tennis because of him.

Dybala, who is good friends with compatriot Diego Schwarzman, also believes a number of top tennis players could make it as footballers too.

"I always believe that high performing players excel in several sports," he said.

"I have seen El Peque (Diego Schwartzman), Dominic Thiem, Nole (Novak) Djokovic easily juggling a tennis ball.

"So I think they could do very well on a football pitch - better than a football player could do as a tennis player."

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