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'Roger Federer can really take it to you' - Nick Kyrgios says Swiss star is his toughest opponent

Novak Djokovic may have beaten him in the Wimbledon final and be 'a bit of a god,' but Nick Kyrgios says Roger Federer remains the toughest player he's ever faced.
Roger Federer backhand

Nick Kyrgios has named Roger Federer as his toughest ever opponent, despite his Wimbledon final defeat to Novak Djokovic.

Kyrgios was overpowered by Djokovic, eventually losing in four sets after the Serbian ground him down with some brilliant returning and consistency.

Afterwards, Kyrgios described Djokovic as 'a bit of a god,' but he believes Federer has the bigger game.

Asked after the Wimbledon final if Novak Djokovic was his toughest ever opponent, Nick Kyrgios replied: "I wouldn't say that.

"I thought I put myself in a position to win today. But he doesn't make you feel as bad as Federer does at times.

"I think Federer out of the other three guys, Federer can make you feel really bad. He makes you want to leave the court. He can make things seem really quick. The court is really small.

"Where Nadal and Djokovic, they allow you to play a little bit from the back. If you're playing not great, you struggle. But Federer can really take it to you and get you off the court real quick.

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Kyrgios gave a good account of himself in the Wimbledon final, although ultimately he wasn't able to get the best of Djokovic.

He, though, puts that down to the difference in experience more than anything, and he wonders if the walkover in the semi-final was eventually to his detriment.

"I think everything, the finals of Wimbledon, the anxiety of obviously having that day off from the semi-final, I slept terribly again last night. Just everything leading up.

"I actually think not playing the semi-finals may have done me a bit of a disservice because I was just thinking about it all the time. That comes with experience.

"I thought I handled myself well today. I came out there and I did what I had to do tactically to give myself a chance. I just came up short, and I'm happy with that."

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