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'Roger Federer will want the courts to be very fast in Australia,' says Andy Roddick

Roger Federer mexico

Roger Federer will want to see 'very fast courts' when he returns from his knee injury, says former world number one Andy Roddick. 

Federer underwent double knee surgery in 2020 which has kept him out for almost the entire year, although he is now close to making his comeback in January.

His current plans will see him return at the Australian Open, although they may be revised if, as suggested by the Melbourne press, the tournament is put back to March due to the coronavirus concerns.

Roddick, though, believes that whenever Federer does get back on a court, he will be wanting to shorten as many points as he possibly can to protect himself.

“He (Roger Federer) wants the court to be very fast when he arrives in Australia,” Roddick told the Tennis Channel.

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“That makes his gameplay a lot easier. Makes the rallies much, much shorter, he doesn’t have to get into these long extended rallies.

"I’d like to see him, and I think the tennis world would like to see him or at least a shadow of the Federer that we know.

"But we will see, I’m assuming knee surgeries don’t get any easier to come back from when you are 39 years old."

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