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'Roger Federer will embarrass you - he's always a step ahead,' says former US Open opponent

Roger Federer backhand

Roger Federer will 'embarrass' you with his intelligence on a tennis court if you don't do something special, says a former opponent.

Federer met - and beat - American Scoville Jenkins en-route to winning the US Open in 2007, and the Swiss star certainly left an impression.

It wasn't just his technique and poise that Scoville found impossible to contain, though, but his tennis-IQ, and he has never forgotten how it felt to be across the net from Federer.

“You’re always feeling under pressure like if I don’t do something he’s just gonna go back into maybe hitting a great forehand across or up the line and a sliced short to then pull me up the line,” Jenkins said of Federer.

“I have to be on the offence, you feel so much pressure to be able to do something or he will embarrass you.

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"I would say the biggest thing with Roger Federer is you’re playing chess out there with him and he’s just constantly a step ahead of you and you know it.

“You know every shot he hits is to set up the next shot and when you are playing him I’m thinking if I don’t hit this good enough then I already know what he’s gonna do to me.

"I watched him do it on TV millions of times you know and so you’re always feeling like he’s out-thinking you, outplaying you, he’s a step ahead of you.”

Federer beat Novak Djokovic in the US Open final in straight sets that year.

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