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'Roger Federer is an artistic, poetic, beautiful thing,' says former ATP rival

Andy Roddick once told Roger Federer: to 'f*** right off' - but it came from a place of respect and jealousy for his 'artistic, poetic, beautiful' rival.
Roger Federer mexico

Andy Roddick has explained his 'envy' of Roger Federer, saying his personality made him more jealous than his titles did.

Federer was a scourge of Roddick's career, beating him in three Wimbledon finals and winning 21 of the 24 matches they played.

The Swiss maestro was a a major reason why Roddick finished his career with only one major but, looking back, he said it wasn't actually the titles that was the source of his envy of Federer.

Speaking on the Kasich and Klepper Podcast, Roddick said: "I kind of worked from a place of insecurity a little bit more than I imagine Roger Federer does.

"It's weird because when I sit back, my source of jealousy isn't with all the titles that Rogers won, I would've like one of them, maybe one, maybe two more points at Wimbledon a couple times.

"But it's his ease of operation, right? If the way that he's able to go about his business, I would, you know, play a practice match, be out there for two hours.

"I'd play it just like I was gonna play three days later in the first run of a slam and I'd walk by Roger's court and he's laughing and joking. And he is relaxed.

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"That was where my jealousy came in: the way that he was able to kind of tend to his responsibilities away from the court, kind of always be in a good mood, which was incredibly annoying for the rest of us moody people.

"So I think that's where my source of jealousy came. I asked him a question one time and I completely didn't understand his answer.

"This was probably 10 years ago. I said 'Tiger Woods will rip your head off. Michael Jordan broke a teammate's nose in practice [but] you don't really get defined that way. It's more this like artistic, you know, poetic, beautiful thing. I go, is it in there? Do you get mad or are you just really good at covering?

"He goes, 'I don't know. I always hear this thing where people say they hate to lose. I honestly just enjoy winning more than I hate losing.

"And I said, you know, 'f*** right off. That's the most Swiss thing I've ever heard and I'm jealous about it.'

"So he just has this ease of operation which creates envy, but he's a great human."

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