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'My Achilles has been a problem since 2018,' admits Serena Williams despite fine form

Serena Williams ahead of Australian Open

Serena Williams says her Achilles injury has 'been a problem since 2018' although she is confident it is now behind her.

Before the Australian Open, Williams revealed she probably would have missed the tournament had it not been delayed by three weeks.

However, she says she is not feeling - or thinking about it - right now, and long may that continue.

"I didn’t think about my Achilles," Serena Williams told reporters.

"It’s so good to not think about it. It’s been a problem actually since 2018, so I just never want that problem again.

"It feels really good to just play and to run, to not feel that.”

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Serena was able to battle past Aryna Sabalenka in the Australian Open fourth round to set up a blockbuster clash with Simona Halep, although she thinks she was short of her best for the most part.

“I felt like even games that I lost, I was so close to winning.

"Not all games, but probably most of those games. I just needed to play better on the big points.

“I knew that I could. I still hadn’t reached my peak. I was like, Okay, Serena, you got this, just keep going.

“I do get a lot of balls back when I need to."

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