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'I think that's the best we've seen Serena Williams look,' says former world number one

Serena Williams serve

Mats Wilander said Serena Williams is looking 'strong again' after her hugely impressive win over Simona Halep in the Australian Open quarterfinals.

Williams was close to her very best as she dismissed the world number two in straight sets.

Although she suffered something of a blip in the second, she still had enough to overcome it and Eurosport expert Wilander believes the signs are looking very encouraging for Serena fans.

“Her footwork, that's what makes the difference," Wilander said.

"She doesn't have to rip every shot and she forced Halep to make mistakes.

"I think this is the best I’ve seen Serena look, and it is good that she was tested in that second set.

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"Serena didn't go away. We've seen her go away a bit over the last few years, and she didn't go away.

"Simona doesn't have that big serve and is relying on Serena making mistakes, but she decided not to make mistakes.

"The mind of Serena is strong again. She looks stronger.

"She is getting in position much better, and seems more keen to get back to the middle of the court after being pushed out-wide.”

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