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Serena Williams delivers warning to Wimbledon rivals: 'I'm hitting the ball really well'

Serena Williams says she has 'had some really good training leading up to Wimbledon.' Just what the other women wanted to hear, we're sure...
Serena Williams practicing ahead of Wimbledon

Serena Williams says she can feel her serve and return 'connecting' again after she took another step towards being ready for Wimbledon.

Williams and Ons Jabeur needed just over an hour to secure a 6-2 6-4 win over Shuko Aoyama and Chan Hao-ching at Eastbourne.

It was a match in which Serena looked noticeably better than in the pair's opener in the tournament, and she says she can definitely feel that too, particularly in those two key shots.

“I feel like I have been serving well so that’s been really good," Serena said. "Working really hard on that.

"I have been returning well. I’ve missed a lot today, but the young ladies they were serving really well, the ball was staying lower, but yes, those two shots have really come together for me.

“I have had some really good training leading up to Wimbledon and up to this tournament, really hitting the ball well and just working out. It’s been working and it’s just been connecting.

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RELATED: Serena Williams admits she ‘absolutely had doubts’ about whether she’d ever return to tennis

Serena Williams is yet to play a competitive singles match since the first round of Wimbledon last year, and she won't until the Championships next week.

However, now that she is back on the court she says she has realised just how much she has missed tennis over the last 12 months.

“I think I will always enjoy the competitive side and I think there is a part of me that will always, no matter what happens, will always miss it," she explained.

“So I wasn’t thinking about whether I was missing it. I was just recovering and taking time off and just taking mental breaks, but yes, now when I’m back, it’s like, especially this match in particular, it’s like, OK, you really remember the competitiveness and then you start to miss it, yes.”

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