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Serena Williams dismisses retirement talk, saying: 'There's lots of motivation to play'

Is Serena Williams done with tennis after her first-round Wimbledon defeat? It certainly doesn't sound like it!
Serena Williams at Wimbledon

Serena Williams dismissed talk of retirement after her first round Wimbledon defeat, hinting that she will be back for the US Open at least.

Williams had not played for a year when she stepped back onto Centre Court to face Harmony Tan of France.

She battled incredibly hard and took the match all the way to a supertiebreak in the deciding set, but ultimately it proved too much for her and Tan closed out a 7-5, 1-6, 7-6 win.

However, any talk of retirement was quickly dispelled, with Williams suggesting she will look to play the US Open later this year.

"When you're at home, especially in New York, and the US Open, that being the first place I've won a Grand Slam, is something that's always super special," Serena Williams said. "Your first time is always special.

"There's definitely lots of motivation to get better and to play at home."

It always looked like a tough task for Serena Williams given she is 40-years-old and returning to a Grand Slam after a year out of the game.

Many were still tipping her for a deep run and reasonably so. She is Serena, after all.

However, she concedes her lack of matches definitely played a key role in her defeat. That, though, is just giving her more reason to step up her practice.

"I think if you're playing week in, week out, or even every three weeks, every four weeks, there's a little bit more match toughness," Williams said.

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"But with that being said, I felt like I played pretty OK on some of 'em, not all of 'em. Maybe some key ones I definitely could have played better.

"You got to think if I were playing matches I wouldn't miss some of those points or this match."

"It definitely makes me want to hit the practice courts because you're playing not bad and you're so close. Any other opponent probably would have suited my game better.

"So, yeah, I feel like that it's actually kind of like, 'OK, Serena, you can do this if you want.'"

Does all of this mean that Serena is now done with Wimbledon after an absolutely glorious career?

"That's a question I can't answer," she said. "Like, I don't know. Who knows? Who knows where I'll pop up.

"Like I said coming into this, I'm just planning for right now, seeing how I feel, just to go from there."

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