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'Inspired by Serena!' - Venus Williams explains reasons behind her shock Wimbledon comeback

Venus Williams made a winning return on shock Wimbledon comeback, and she said it she was 'inspired by Serena' to return.
Venus Williams and Serena Williams at Wimbledon

Venus Williams said she was 'inspired by Serena' to play at Wimbledon after she and Jamie Murray won their mixed doubles match.

Williams is 42-years-od now and appears, like sister Serena, to have largely stepped away from tennis.

He last match was at Chicago in August of last year, and she had initially looked like resisting the temptation to follow Serena's lead and make a comeback at the Championships.

However, she linked up with former men's doubles number one Jamie Murray and took a mixed doubles wild card, and it appears to have been a good decision as they earned a 6-3, 6-7, 6-3 victory over Michael Venus and Alicja Rosolska.

“It was definitely super last minute," Venus said. "Just inspired by Serena. Like I said, it was amazing. I just was so happy to have so much help today."

It was the first time Venus Williams had played a match for nearly a year, and there was initially some surprise when she was not on the wild card list for the women's singles.

However, she said that Wimbledon ultimately proved to much of a draw for her to sit it out once she arrived as part of Serena Williams' entourage.

"I had no plan to play," she explains. "I saw the grass and I got excited.

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"I was at the French Open, it's a beautiful event, but my heart didn't beat the same way.

"I had no plans. That's why I was asking [Jamie] last minute. He just had a baby, too, so I know there's a lot going on.

"Definitely I couldn't have guessed that I would be here right now, taking it at the last minute.

"It was like, Oh, my God, wow. I just not only played a match but won a match. I'm never like that kind of player. I always expect to win. We wanted to win.

"But when I sat there at the end, it was like, real. Yeah, I felt something in my heart."

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