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'Serena Williams brings me ideas and I love it when she does,' says Patrick Mouratoglou

Serena Williams ahead of Australian Open

Serena Williams sets herself new goals every year, says coach Patrick Mouratoglou, who says it is a key facet to her amazing longevity.

Williams is not the dominant force she once was in women's tennis, and has not won a Grand Slam title since the birth of her daughter.

However, she is still going deep into tournaments, reaching four Grand Slam finals since her return and recently getting to the semi-finals of the Australian Open.

That, at 39-years-old, is an absolutely remarkable record, and Mouratoglou says it doesn't just happen by chance.

"With Serena, we do it every year," Mouratoglou said when asked about the importance of setting goals.

"I go through the plan for her with goals. She brings ideas and I love when she does. It shows how involved she is.

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"I believe before every practice session, it is important to sit down for five minutes and discuss ‘this is where we need to go and this is what we need to achieve. This is why we’re going to do that.'”

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“I think it’s extremely important for the players to know where they are going to go.

"When you talk to them about what they are going to do and how they already start to figure it out… And they start to process it.

"They’re already in the mood for it. By involving them in the discussion, makes it even more exciting for them.”

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