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Serena Williams' Wimbledon comeback will 'fuel her for the US Open,' says former WTA ace

Serena Williams' Wimbledon comeback will 'fuel her to be ready for the US Open,' says one former WTA star.
Serena Williams - when will she retire

The US Open may be the last we ever see of Serena Williams on a tennis court, although she will be extra motivated by her Wimbledon experience to be ready for it, says Pam Shriver.

Serena made her return to tennis this summer as she accepted a wild card to play at Wimbledon, although she could not get beyond the first round.

She played two matches in the doubles at Eastbourne before Wimbledon too, and has hinted she would like to play the US Open later this year, although Shriver thinks that may bring the curtain down on her incredible career.

Speaking about Serena Williams to ESPN, Shriver said: "It's hard to imagine Williams will play past the US Open of 2022.

“What stood out in her three comeback matches was her passion and love for competing.

"Obviously rusty and not in peak fitness from 12 months off at 40 years of age, the one constant for Williams is her willingness to fight for every point -- singles, doubles, mixed or tiddlywinks.

“Williams looked like she did not have enough time to prepare properly for Wimbledon, but maybe the taste of the crowd's enthusiasm for her comeback will fuel her to gain improved fitness leading into the US Open."

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Serena Williams played very well in her one Wimbledon singles match and most believe she was unfortunate not to sneak through into the second round.

She, though, put it down to a lack of 'match toughness,' and that can only be solved by playing tennis.

“If you’re playing week in, week out, or even every three weeks, every four weeks, there’s a little bit more match toughness.

"But with that being said, I felt like I played pretty okay on some of them. Not all of them. Maybe some key ones I definitely could have played better.

"You've got to think if I were playing matches, I wouldn’t miss some of those points."

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