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'It was such a mess' - Stefanos Tsitsipas coach blasts Tokyo Olympics over athlete's living conditions

Stefanos Tsitsipas disappointed at Olympics

Christos Fiotakis, the fitness coach who was working with Stefanos Tsitsipas at the Olympics has blasted organisers of the event.

Tsitsipas was tipped for a medal in Tokyo, although he lost in the third round to Frenchman Ugo Humbert.

He also lost in the mixed doubles, in which he was paired with Maria Sakkari, in the quarterfinals.

However, Fiotakis says Tsitsipas was severely hampered by conditions in Tokyo, with some teams getting preferential treatment.

“We stayed three people on a 20 square metre flat bed,” he said. “We did not even have TV to watch the Games!

“While the USA and UK and a couple other countries had PlayStations and huge apartments with big windows, private gyms, watt bikes and coffee shop lounges.

“90% of the organisation personnel did not speak English. So it was such a mess to get things sorted.

“Laundry was a mess; losing clothes and spending hours in line to sort things out.”

Fiotakis also said he experienced problems with COVID protocols at the Games which didn't appear to entirely make sense.

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“The day when Tsitsipas played the third round against Humbert, at two in the morning they contacted me that I was in close contact on my flight from Frankfurt on 19th July.

“There were members from Italy and Germany, plus many more athletes, on the same flight.

“I was asked to isolate myself, despite already being in Japan for nine days and having nine negative tests. I had to do a PCR test so I could go and see Tsitsipas play and I was told to warm [him] up via video call.

“The PCR took ages but came back negative, finally at 1pm I was told that I was okay to go to the stadium, but by car with an escort and not by bus.

“So I was not going to coach Stefanos and follow the routine and talk to him before the match.

“I arrived at 2pm, an hour after the start of the match, and I was accompanied by six health workers like a criminal sitting alone under the hot sun.

“In addition, I had not eaten because I was in quarantine from 7am. So they did not let me have any contact with the rest of the team.”

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