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'Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal would never do it' - Toni joins list of Stefanos Tsitsipas critics

Stefanos Tsitsipas dejected at US Open

Toni Nadal has become the latest significant figure in tennis to criticise Stefanos Tsitsipas over his comfort breaks.

Tsitsipas caused a major stir during the US Open when Andy Murray accused him of 'cheating' for taking two lengthy comfort breaks at key points in their first round clash.

World number four Alexander Zverev backed Murray after having similar complaints about the Greek in Cincinnati last month, and crowds began to boo Tsitsipas whenever he left court before his elimination.

Now Toni Nadal has added himself to the list of critics of Tsitsipas.

“I think that no follower of our sport can imagine Roger Federer or Rafael [Nadal], I don’t see why I cannot say it, looking for extra sporting shortcuts to achieve victory,” he told El Pais.

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“The way he [Tsitsipas] acted was not fair. Rafa or Federer would never do that. Stricter rules should be implemented for the bathroom breaks.

“Tsitsipas is undoubtedly a brilliant player and as such we expect him to win without the need for any ruse that he can profit from. Obviously you don’t need them.

“He is on his way to becoming a great champion, not only because of his victories but because of how he achieves them.”

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