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Stefanos Tsitsipas: 'We dreamed of fist-pumping our way to a Grand Slam doubles final...'

Stefanos Tsitsipas at French Open

Sefanos Tsitsipas has revealed he and his younger brother Petros would 'dream' of winning a Grand Slam doubles title together as children.

Petros Tsistipas is just starting to make his way in the game now, while Stefanos Tsitsipas is already the world number five and two-time Grand Slam singles semi-finalist at just 22.

However, they both came from the same humble beginnings as the rest of us, and Stefanos has reminisced about them.

“Remembering the times when we would both dream of playing at the Olympics together one day," Tsitsipas wrote alongside a photo of him and his brother on Instagram.

"Fist pumping our way to a Grand Slam final in doubles... Sitting out in the garden chitchatting and revealing our dreams, goals and aspirations to one another.

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"Being true and optimistic. Talking about playing on the big stage and wanting the best for one another. The competitiveness and fire we would show when playing one another at the mini-court we built out of tape in our basement.

“The fun we had imitating and impersonating our favourite players, and the overall intimacy we had with tennis from an early age. This was our world!

"Such nostalgia for these priceless moments. Let’s keep dreaming and chasing the unthinkable bro. It’s cool to be on this together!"

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