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Taylor Fritz reveals how he plans to beat Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon, saying: 'I will be aggressive'

How do you beat Rafael Nadal in 2022? Taylor Fritz has done it before, and he has a plan on how to do it again when they meet at Wimbledon.
Taylor Fritz plans Rafael Nadal win Wimbledon

Taylor Fritz has vowed to be the aggressor against Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon as he chases another significant win over him.

The duo met in the final of Indian Wells this season, with Fritz coming out on top to win his first Masters.

Nadal came into the match with a cracked rib, though, meaning it was perhaps much easier for Fritz that you'd normally expect against the Spaniard.

He isn't expecting the same in the Wimbledon quarterfinal, but he is still hoping for another positive result.

Asked how he plans on beating Nadal, Fritz said: "I mean, it will be a really fun match. I want to play him.

"I think that he probably really wants to beat me after Indian Wells. I think it will be really exciting.

"I think I'll probably get his best game. Like I said, he definitely, definitely wants to beat me, play me I guess 100% healthy this time.

"I'll just have to be very aggressive, play the big points well, serve well, do a lot of what I did in Indian Wells if I want to beat him."

Despite Rafael Nadal being injured and badly restricted during that Indian Wells match, Taylor Fritz believes there is plenty he can take from it.

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He says keeping the mentality he had in California will likely be key, even if the match itself will be very different.

"I was just very aggressive in that match," Fritz said. "I took my chances. Against someone like Rafa, that's kind of how it is.

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"I feel like decision making is easy. I don't really second-guess shots like I would if I'm playing someone that I'm supposed to beat. I might think like,

"Should I go for this, should I play it safe? Against someone like Rafa, it's easy to always make the aggressive decision and kind of, like, play freer.

"I've been this whole tournament playing people that I guess on paper I'm supposed to beat. That's honestly always tough because it's tougher to play those matches than to play the ones where maybe you're not the favourite.

"You can be a lot more freer. I know I'm going to have to bring a certain level. Just knowing that I will have to play a certain level, I know that I will play better.

"It's going to be a lot different match obviously. Indian Wells was kind of crazy with both of us being extremely beaten up before the final. This time it's healthier versions of both of us."

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