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Noah Rubin: 'Keep best of five for Grand Slams and let's worry about something else'

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Tennis has bigger things to worry about than whether or not Grand Slams should be best of three or five sets, says Noah Rubin. 

At the ATP Finals last month, players were asked if they'd like to see more best-of-five set tennis added to the calendar with a very mixed response.

While many were in favour of keeping it as it is, Novak Djokovic advocated to shorten matches to try and attract younger fans to the sport.

That perspective, while not a majority one within tennis by any means, has since been supported by Andy Murray among others, who said he would not watch a five-set match as a fan anymore as they are too long.

Rubin, though, believes tennis is not in a position to mess with the Grand Slam format right now, although a minor tweak could work.

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“I agree that the first week should be three sets, the second week can be best of five," Rubin told Tennis Majors.

"[But during the coronavirus crisis], the Slams are the ones who are doing well.

"I think this is the kind of thing that’s the last thing to [try to] change. I’d say keep best of five and let’s worry about something else.”

Currently, Grand Slams are just about the only chance players get to play best-of-five tennis with small exceptions such as the men's Olympics final.

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