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'Tennis is something I am craving and missing,' admits Nick Kyrgios

Nick Kyrgios at Australian Open

Nick Kyrgios says he may return to the ATP Tour a changed man after taking the time to reassess his attitude this year.

While most players have returned to action following the enforced coronavirus suspension earlier this year, Kyrgios has opted to remain in Australia due to concerns over safety.

The last match he played was a first round retirement against Ugo Humbert in Acapulco in February 24th, meaning he has not taken to the court competitively for eight months now.

However, he says that is not indicative of a dwindling passion for tennis, it's actually prompted a reignition of his desire for the game.

“It is something I’m craving and missing," Nick Kyrgios told ESPN.

"But having said that, it’s given me time to focus on some of the basics in life that I’ve maybe overlooked or just missed out on in the last couple of years in my life.

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“When I was travelling all the time and playing and never really home, I had the perspective that ‘tennis wasn’t everything.’

"It was all one big blur, I could never really just sit and appreciate the little things and sit in one spot.

"If I lost, I’d be flying to the next place, staying in a different hotel every week."

“I’m not a results-based guy. Just to be happy, that’s the goal."

Meanwhile, Kyrgios been talking about the perception of him within the game, insisting that he doesn't mind if people don't like him.

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