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'That's his right!' - Grand Slam legend backs Novak Djokovic over vaccination stance

Novak Djokovic backhand Australian Open

Grand Slam legend Boris Becker has defended Novak Djokovic, insisting it is 'his right' to decide not to reveal whether or not he has been vaccinated against COVID.

Djokovic's vaccination status has been, unfairly, a topic of intense discussion in the tennis media in recent months.

That is largely due to speculation that the Australian Open will require vaccinations for players to compete in January.

The exact requirements are still to be revealed, with different government offices in Australia seemingly having different ideas to what exactly will be required.

Novak Djokovic was asked directly by journalists recently and refused to answer the question before telling the media they had no right to even ask him.

He has found an ally in that in former coach Becker, although the German believes Djokovic may ultimately be backed into a corner over the issue.

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“I can understand it at first [Djokovic’s reluctance]," Becker said. "That is his right, that is privacy, that has to be protected.

“But if he wants to work as a tennis player, then unfortunately there are rules and for all tennis players who want to go to Australia.

“The state of Victoria requires proof of vaccination. It is completely unimportant what we mean.

"If the Australian government has decided that way, there is only one solution.”

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