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'The conditions are an advantage for Novak Djokovic,' says Serb star's former coach

Novak Djokovic celebration - hardcourt favoured surface

Boris Becker says the unique Roland Garros conditions this year are 'an advantage' for Novak Djokovic over rival Rafael Nadal.

Djokovic has been in fine form in the tournament so far, powering his way to the quarterfinals without ever looking too tested.

While Djokovic has starred, other players have complained about the colder conditions at the tournament this year.

Becker, who coached the world number one earlier in his career, though, believes the Serb may be secretly quite happy with how the courts are playing.

“All in all the conditions are a small advantage for Djokovic,” Becker told Eurosport Germany.

“Nadal loves the hot weather and the high jump of the ball, especially with his forehand top spin, and Djokovic loves to have the ball lower.”

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“I have to say honestly, that I am very surprised how many players are using the dropshot,” Becker said.

A large part of Djokovic's success at this year's tournament has been the use of the dropshot, but again Becker has explained that's a clever tactic on the slower courts.

“What’s the reason for it? Of course it’s because of the slow surface, it’s October, it is raining a lot, new Balls which aren’t jumping that high.

“The players have realized very quick that it’s a very good tactic to use it. Many players are in the back [of the court] and the way to the front is very far.”

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