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'The era of Rafael Nadal winning may be over,' says Mats Wilander

Rafael Nadal looks on at Australian Open

Mats Wilander has delivered a grim verdict on Rafael Nadal and his fitness concerns, saying he 'just can't do it' anymore.

Nadal has played just seven tournaments this year and was forced to end his season early due to a foot problem that has plagued him for some time.

The Spaniard himself has vowed to find his way back to his competitive best no matter what it takes, but Wilander thinks time may simply have gotten the best of him.

"I am very sad and very worried but I do think he [will] keep coming back until he no longer can," former world number one Mats Wilander said of Rafael Nadal.

"At the moment the will to play is still there. The era of winning may be over, but the era of filling stands with fans is still alive. There’s a couple more years of it.

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"We are getting used to expecting him to not be able to play. He is always trying and is always ready.

"He is trying but he just can't do it and I guess with every year it seems like he's playing less and less.

"He is getting older and his body is taking a beating."

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