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'The hunger is still there for Stan Wawrinka, but Grand Slam titles no longer realistic,' says coach

Stan Wawrinka - how good on clay?

Stan Wawrinka is still as hungry as ever for success but he accepts Grand Slam titles are probably now behind him, says his coach.

The 35-year-old has been a genuine force in tennis, winning three Grand Slams during his career, the same amount as Andy Murray.

Since injuring his knee three years ago, though, he has failed to scale those same heights, but coach Daniel Vallverdu believes there is still plenty to come from the Swiss veteran.

“The hunger is definitely there and he wants to make a last push now at the end of his career,” Vallverdu commented on Wawrinka’s goals for the new year.

“The goals are not just to win tournaments, but to feel like he’s competitive at a high level.

“It would be unrealistic to say that the goals are to win a Grand Slam. Whether it can happen or not? Of course it can.

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“But with his potential and experience he feels if he is competitive against the guys that are at the top, he’s always going to have a chance to achieve big results.”

Vallverdu also addressed Wawrinka's plans for 2021, admitting it was tough to do any scheduling at the moment.

“Once the tour had a little bit more of a structure and we knew that tournaments were going to happen he found his motivation again and we were able to practise with a goal and with objectives in front of us,” Vallverdu told the Reuters news agency.

“The last few events of the year were very encouraging. He’s now ready to go through this training block in December, and hopefully have a full season next year.”

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