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Daniil Medvedev has described the US Open as ‘Serena Williams’ tournament given the incredible buzz that surrounds her matches.

Williams plans to retire after the US Open and every time she steps onto Arthur Ashe right now the atmosphere is electric.

Medvedev is scheduled to be playing the same days as Serena, so he has not been able to watch her as much as he would have liked. However, he is actively aware of the impact she is having on the tournament.

Asked about Serena Williams’ US Open journey so far, Daniil Medvedev said: “It's completely her tournament, in my opinion.

“That's great. We have Rafa playing here with 22 slams, and at this moment it feels like, I mean, it's not the attention all to him, which I think it's great for him that he plays the other nights. He gets all the attention on the other days.

“But, yeah, I watched the match [against Kontaveit]. She played pretty amazing. The third set I watched a little bit less because I was going to warmup. Also after the second set that she lost, never know how the third is going to go.

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“Straightaway she was there, playing great tennis. Really happy for her. Hoping to see what she can do at the end.

There have been those suggesting that, given the level Serena Williams is producing, she could maybe consider extending her career into other Grand Slams.

Medvedev, though, believes she should stick to the plan to bow out in New York.

“The thing is if she would finish in Australia or Paris, it would be amazing, but it would not be the same. Here it's New York, it's Serena, icon, queen.

“It's funny because the first match I watched on the TV because I was in my room, second match I was here, but you're inside the stadium so you don't hear what's going on. When I went out to warmup, warming up outside, straightaway we were like, Wow, what's happening there?

“Every point you know what's happening. If it's silent, point is to the other girl. If it goes boom, then Serena won the point. It was easy to know the score every time. Yeah, it's just amazing. I'm not sure I saw anything like this before.”

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