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'There are lots of things I'd do differently,' admits Andy Murray

Andy Murray practice

Andy Murray says there are 'lots of things' he would do differently, including tying himself to a management company at a very young age.

Murray's talent was obvious very early on, and that made both him and brother Jamie a huge draw for talent management agencies.

Understandably, Murray took the opportunity when it came along, although he now sees the problems with such companies.

Asked by Gentleman's Journal what he'd do differently if he got his time again, Murray answered: “There’s been lots of things.

“Me and my brother first signed a deal with a management company when were 12 or 13-years-old.

"You rely on these experts to help guide you — but I don’t think management companies always have their athletes’ best interests at heart. Signing athletes at 12 or 13 suggests that they don’t.

“Because, you know, does a kid really need the pressure of one of the biggest management companies in world sport looking after them at that age? I don’t know if that’s the right message to send.

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"So yes, there are a lot of things that I wish I had done differently. And that’s one of the mistakes, for sure, I made when I was younger.”

Even after making it onto the Tour, Andy Murray says he wishes he had appreciated it a little more at the time,

“In my younger years I always used to travel with my PlayStation, I didn’t really go out and see the sights or do the touristy things. I kind of regret that now.

"I wish I had done it a bit more. Because we got to go to some amazing places and travel all round the world.

"So yes, I do regret that a little now — because it was such a great opportunity to see such amazing things. But, usually, when we arrived we’d just train.”

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