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'Those who condemn Novak Djokovic have a wrong image of him,' says compatriot

Novak Djokovic smiling

Viktor Troicki says too many people have a 'wrong image' of Novak Djokovic and it is unfair on the Serbia star.

Djokovic commands an incredibly large and loyal following in Serbia and beyond, although many also choose to vilify the world number one, and that extends to the media at times as well.

However, Troicki believes that is largely down to some sub-conscious anger at Djokovic for muscling in on the Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal rivalry and, in many cases, surpassing them both.

"We all see that aversion, it is very easy to see," Troicki told

"The fact is that Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer were at the top before Nole appeared, and then suddenly a guy from Serbia came and won all the tournaments. That doesn't please others.

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"We all know what the situation has been like in our country in recent decades. The world does not have a good image of us, so not everyone, but some condemn him and have a wrong image of him.

"He is above all a well-meaning man, he wants to help everyone, which he has shown many times.

"[The fact] that they condemn him, is because they don't know him or they want to make a sensation where there isn't one. It's not nice, they are wrong in many situations."

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