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'ATP Council double standards blow my mind,' says Vasek Pospisil as PTPA row continues

Vasek Pospisil 2019

Vasek Pospisil has blasted the ATP for what he believes to be clear discrimination against the Professional Tennis Players Association. 

Pospisil, along with world number one Novak Djokovic, quit the ATP Players Council back in August to create the PTPA - an independent players union created to give players unhappy with their current representation more of a voice in tennis.

They were nominated to re-join the ATP Player Council earlier this month, and were happy to, only for a new rule to be hastily passed essentially banning any PTPA member from sitting on the Council.

However, Pospisil has accused them of hypocrisy over the issue as well as an agenda against the PTPA given they allow members of other organisations to join.

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“Well, that was the other thing is when ATP found out that we were on the list they created overnight, they created a new law a new bylaw in ATP to prevent us from actually being able to go and represent the players,” Pospisil told

"But it is ok you have IMG representatives on the board. It blows my mind that it is ok that there are all these other insane conflict of interests like in no other sport in the world, they gave a pass to that.

"It’s crazy, it just shows you how desperate they are to maintain [their power].”

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