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WATCH: 'You've been f**king lucky' - Fabio Fognini and Salvatore Caruso furious Australian Open argument

Fabio Fognini Salvatore Caruso argument Australian Open

Italians Fabio Fognini and Salvatore Carouso put on a show at the Australian Open both during their five set thriller and after it on the sidelines too.

Fognini twice came back from behind in the four hour battle which ended up going to a 20 minute tie-breaker with Fognini winning the match 4-6, 6-2, 2-6, 6-3, 7-6.

The always-fiery Fognini was constantly complaining any time he lost a point during the tiebreak - in which he was down 1-5 and had to save a match point.

Fognini even asked for a review of a match point saved by Caruso, even though there are no reviews at the Australian Open this year.

At the conclusion of the match, the players started arguing at the net, pointing fingers at each other and ranting in Italian, which continued as they returned to their benches.

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Salvatore Caruso complained because Fabio Fognini told him he had been "bloody lucky" on some previous points which Caruso felt was disrespectful and both players faced off with an official separating them.

Full transcript below courtesy of Eurosport

Fognini: You have been f**king lucky, you should apologise. I didn't disrespect you until now
Caruso: What are you talking about?!
F: You won four identical lucky points...
C: What are you talking about?!
F: Can't I say you have been f**king lucky?
C: I didn't dare to say a single word in the whole match
F: I said something because you called for it
C: I didn't dare to say a single word in the whole match, enough now
F: Can't I say you have been f^^king lucky? What's the problem?!
C: You can do whatever you want...
F: So why are f^^king break my balls now? I said you have been f^^king lucky, if I'm wrong saying it. I'm wrong, don't attack me
C: I didn't attack you. I'm telling you it's not the way to behave cause I didn't tell you a single word. Let's say, I didn't expect it from you
F: What did you not expect? I told you have been f^^king lucky, you didn't like it, what should I say?
C: It's not the way to do it..
F: Why? What's the problem

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