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'What Rafael Nadal has achieved will NEVER be matched,' says Andy Murray

Rafael Nadal in practice

Andy Murray says that Rafael Nadal has achieved something at Roland Garros that will never be close to being matched.

Nadal won his 13th French Open title last week to cement his status as the undisputed King of Clay.

It is an unprecedented level of domination at a single Grand Slam, and Murray thinks we are watching a complete one-off.

“It’s an amazing achievement,” Murray told reporters in Cologne. “I don’t think what [Nadal] has done at Roland Garros will ever be beaten.

“He’s one short of winning the same amount at just one tournament as Pete Sampras did in Grand Slams.

“I think it’s one of the best records in sport, maybe the best.

“I don’t think it will ever be repeated and I actually don’t think anyone will get close to it.”

Mats Wilander says the win in Roland Garros has now made Rafael Nadal favourite in the race to finish his career with the most Grand Slams.

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Murray does not necessarily disagree, but he believes it is now down to two players.

“It’s impossible to answer those questions because you never know,” he added.

“Someone can get injured, have an issue like I had and that changes your whole career.

“So, providing they all stay fit and if they retire all at the same age, then I would think it would be between Rafa and Novak [Djokovic].

“I would think it would be between the two of them.

“And yeah, like I said, it depends a little bit on many things but if they both stay healthy and they retire at the same time, I think it will be between those two.”

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