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'Why not?' - Rafael Nadal gives his opinion on potential ATP/WTA merger

Rafael Nadal press conference

Rafael Nadal has backed the call for a potential men's and women's united governing body in the future, but says for now, tennis is healthy as it is.

The debate over a combined organisation to oversee both the men's and women's tour was ignited in April 2020 with a tweet from Roger Federer.

At the time, many international COVID lockdowns were put in place meaning the tennis season was paused for several months.

Currently the men's tour is run by the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) while the women's tour by the WTA (Women's Tennis Association).

Following Federer's tweet, many high-profile players voiced their support of the plan, but not further evidence of progress has come since.

In fact, in a recent interview ATP players council chairman Kevin Anderson confirmed that the subject had not been discussed at all.

Now Rafael Nadal, currently preparing for the Australian Open, has given his opinion on the possible merger.

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"What is going to happen or not going to happen I have no idea because in the world it is difficult to predict what is going on" Nadal told CNN.

"Tennis is tennis, and why not in the future have one organisation for both men and women?

"For the moment I think tennis is healthy as it is without a doubt.

"No other sport in the world is as equal as tennis in terms of prize money and treatment of the men's and women's tour.

"I feel we that we as a sport should be happy as I feel we are a positive example."

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