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Wimbledon considering changes to key policy, claims Novak Djokovic

Is Wimbledon considering making a change to one of their strictest - and problematic - policies? Novak Djokovic says there have been 'conversations'
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Wimbledon are considering making changes to the start times of matches on the show courts, Novak Djokovic has claimed.

Matches on Centre Court and Court One have traditionally started at 1.30pm, leaving them at risk of falling foul of the 11pm curfew.

Djokovic's match on Sunday against Tim van Rijthoven came close to running past the curfew, meaning it would need to be suspended overnight and finished on Monday.

The defending champion was able to wrap up the match before that happened, but he has suggested changes may be coming.

"I heard there was some conversations," Djokovic said. "My coach has told me he has heard.

"I don't know. I don't know from whom he has heard. He's been close with Tim Henman and some people from the club. I don't know whether he has heard it from them.

"But he has told me there's some talks about eventually approaching this issue a bit differently.

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"Since there are some changes this year that we never thought we'll see in Wimbledon, why not move it for half an hour, one hour earlier? I think it would be quite helpful to finish matches maybe not using the roof.

Play started later than usual on Centre Court on Sunday due to a ceremony to celebrate it's 100th anniversary.

Novak Djokovic was among the parade of champions, which also featured greats such as Roger Federer, Bjorn Borg, Stefan Edberg, Billie Jean King and Rafael Nadal.

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Djokovic was obviously honoured to be a part of it, but he did wonder whether it could have been held a little earlier to protect the schedule a little.

"Well, look, we know that Wimbledon has always been respecting its tradition," he said. "So the times when the matches start on Centre Court and Court 1 has not been changed for many years.

"I don't see a reason why there wouldn't be an earlier start, to be honest, particularly now that there are on-court interviews that we didn't have up to few years ago.

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"Also the time between the matches, you almost certainly, if you're scheduled last on the Centre, you're going to end up a match under the roof, which changes the conditions, the style of play, the way you move on the court.

"It's more slippery. The lights. It's really an indoor tournament in most of the cases when you're scheduled last on Centre or Court 1, for that matter, as we saw last night with Tsitsipas and Kyrgios ending up the match quite late as well, and Nadal as well.

"Of course today it was a special occasion. I think it was necessary to celebrate the hundred years of Centre Court. For me it was an honour. I was very happy to be part of it.

"So, of course, it's one of those unique moments that you get to live as a tennis player, and I'll cherish it, of course.

"But I think most of the players would probably agree that we would all want the start of the match on Centre Court pushed earlier."

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