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ATP reportedly agree to relax Covid restrictions, but Wimbledon opt for caution instead

Wimbledon Roger Federer backhand

The ATP have reportedly agreed to relax Covid restrictions at tournaments, although that will not extend to Wimbledon this summer.

The Daily Mail has claimed to have seen a ATP memo sent to players this week which informs them that strict bio-secure 'bubbles' are to be replaced with a new testing regime instead.

According to the report, it will represent a major relaxation of the restrictions and allow players far more freedom whilst playing in tournaments.

Currently, once players enter the bubble they are essentially limited to the hotel and the tournament venue.

However, new rules would see them permitted to go to shops and restaurants at their leisure should they test negative for Covid-19.

"As a consequence of the increased frequency in testing, many of the current restrictions may be removed, and all credentialed attendees will be able to take part in the following activities with great caution," the report claims the memo says.

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The activities listed include outside dining, picking up takeaway food, staying in different hotels, shopping, and getting haircuts.

Bars and large outside gatherings will still be off-limits to players, though.

Surprisingly, though, tournaments in the UK this summer, including Wimbledon, are still expected to uphold strict restrictions for players and their teams.

The UK is ahead of most in terms of their vaccination programme, and the country is currently planning to lift all social restrictions on June 21 - a week before Wimbledon starts.

However, those freedoms will not be extended to players, presumably because most have not been vaccinated themselves.

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