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'Drunk' Wimbledon final fan has her say, insisting: 'I only had good intentions'

The fan accused by Nick Kyrgios of being drunk at Wimbledon has had her say - and she says she was sober and on his side!
Nick Kyrgios annoyed about drunk fan at Wimbledon

Ania Palus, the fan who Nick Kyrgios complained was drunk and distracting him in the Wimbledon final, has said she was just supporting him.

Kyrgios was furious at one point during the match, which he lost to Novak Djokovic, and complained to the umpire about a fan.

He said she was 'drunk out of her mind and looked like she'd had about 700 drinks' before identifying her and asking that she be removed.

The umpire obliged, and stewards led her away. After a short period of time, though, she returned after officials determined she was not drunk.

Kyrgios mentioned the incident again in his post-match press conference, claiming she was 'smashed and talking to him during every point,' but she has had her say and claims that simply isn't true.

“If you think one person saying ‘Come on, you can do it’ is so disturbing that he loses a game..." Palus said.

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"How can he pick up a single fan who is clapping, rooting for him? I understand what it is like to be an underdog so I wanted to give him support.

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"Maybe I took it too far so for that I am sorry but I only had good intentions. He always says the crowd is against him and I wanted to show we were for him, I wanted to encourage him.

Despite denying she was drunk and officials clearly agreeing, Palus does say she might have been over-excited at times, although she says if that was the case it may have been due to something else.

"I only had one Pimm's and one rosé," she said. "It's the temperature for me, I had no hat. I'm really sorry."

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